Justin Hall

Executive Chef/Owner - justin@figcatering.com

Justin has been cooking since he was 15, including formal training in high school and at the Culinary & Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Justin spent nearly five years as sous chef at Atwood Cafe and South Water Kitchen, before flipping one of America's Best Burgers (according to GQ Magazine and The Oprah Show) at Poag Mahone's, where her met Molly, his future business partner and wife. Justin's food repertoire includes everything from pizza, to Mexican, to Filipino, to Indian, to classic French.

FIG catering owner Molly Schemper

Molly Schemper

A Little Bit of Everything/Owner - molly@figcatering.com

Molly grew up in a restaurant and is still remembered for sneaking chunks of blue cheese before it was made into dressing. She went to DePaul University to study marketing, but eventually abandoned a career in advertising to work in food like her parents before her. She worked as personal chef and crewmember aboard two private yachts and then resettled in Chicago where she met Justin while slinging burgers and beers. Molly's love of food and knowledge of marketing has served her well as FIG grows, but she definitely still enjoys the busyness of working behind a bar or on the floor at an event.

stephanie lu jokich

Stephanie Lu Jokich

Wedding Events Manager - stephanie@FIGcatering.com

Stephanie has over ten years of experience in hospitality from her first job at a local doughnut shop, to organizing basement punk shows, to running a farmer’s markets, to harvesting olives in Pistoa, Italy. Her creative side loves to paint, take photos, and write, but her business side is all about making sure you’re spending your event dollars on things that matter most to you. She lives in Bridgeport with her boyfriend and cat, and thinks Mitch Mitchell from Ultimate Experience is the best drummer in the world.

holly gillis

Holly Gillis

Corporate & Non-profit Events Manager - holly@FIGcatering.com

While studying Economics at UIC, Holly discovered she was a micro-econ girl in a digital world, drawn to the details of farmer’s markets before stocks, social rather than financial capital. After various cameo roles (logistics, baker, compost-maker) in the food industry, and an extended bout of wanderlust, Holly decided to challenge herself anew by taking over the Corporate Event Manager position at FIG. Ever the prodigal daughter, she relishes being able to deliver Midwestern bounty to offices throughout Chicago and with that background in economics is ever mindful of client’s budgets.

kati johnson

Kati Johnson

Social & Wedding Events Manager - kati@FIGcatering.com

Kati is our third new, Midwestern gal (originally from Elkhart, IN). Her Mom’s garden and Grandma’s cooking inspired her passion for fresh, local food. She even studied food at Indiana University Bloomington. After college she served with City Year Americorps in New Orleans, where she tutored 9th graders, and ate way too many broiled crawfish. Despite the amazing food and festivities down South, she missed the Midwest and moved to Chicago, serving a second year in City Year planning large-scale community service events. She is detail-driven and excited to help our clients plan parties at home or in their office.

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